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As a card-carrying member of the Coolidge, you'll not only save money every time you come to the theatre, but you support our dynamic programming and service to the community.

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  • To purchase a gift membership, select a quantity next to your chosen membership level and click the 'Add' button to add the membership to your cart. Then, follow the step-by-step instructions on subsequent pages. If you would like to have the gift membership mailed to the gift recipient, please use the recipient's address in 'shipping info'. If you would like to present the gift membership to the recipient in person, please use your own address in 'shipping info'.
  • Unfortunately, we do not have the capability at this time to send a gift note along with gift membership purchases. You may wish to send the gift recipient a separate notification. We apologize for any inconvenience, and assure you that we are working to change this.
  • Memberships are also available for purchase at our box office.
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   Film Buff (Senior) $45.00

   Film Buff (Senior) - Dual $90.00

   Film Buff (Student) $45.00

   Film Buff (Student) - Dual $90.00

   Film Buff (Out Of Town) $45.00

   Film Buff (Out Of Town) - Dual $90.00

   Film Buff $80.00

   Film Buff - Dual $150.00

   Auteur $250.00

   Auteur - Dual $450.00

   Silver $600.00

   Gold $1,500.00

   All-Access $3,000.00


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